Slice A Lot

Slice A Lot will be your remedy for the stressful working day and the cure for a fun gaming time! This game is all about chopping your way through all different objects in this Gogy games . You will be in control of a sharp knife that can chop down anything on its way. Control its movement so that it can flip and cut through obstacles before getting to the finish line on each level.

It's one of the most addicting slicing games for kids of all ages with a simple and easy-to-understand rule. All you need to do is to bounce the knife higher than the object piles and let it slice from the top to the bottom. Since various levels are waiting for you, be prepared for differences in layout, difficulty, and number of items.

The items might stack higher than you can imagine, therefore, flip the knife many times to reach a momentum that is enough. The knife has two sides, a sharp edge, and a handle. Only the sharp edge cuts and you can only use the handle to bounce off obstacles. Use the movement and maneuver smartly to make use of these two features in this game from!

Your scores will add up when you successfully cut through obstacles on your path and purchase cool knives for an upgrade. There are not many difficult points in this game, and it's mostly for your satisfying gameplay and destressing time! Gather your friends and see who can chop the most items on these diverse levels! Plenty of good games such as Rocket Pants Runner 3D will be great if you are looking for something new to spice up the gaming experience!

Instruction to play:

Controls: Use the spacebar, click the mouse button, or touch the screen to flip and rotate the knife.