Rabbids Volcano Panic

Feel the thrilling sensation of running away from an errupting volcano in this Gogy 2022 fun game of Rabbids Volcano Panic! This is a multiplayer game that allows up to hundreds of players joining the real-time platform at the same time. Once you start the race, your main job is to start moving towards the safe blocks on this platform. Make sure to avoid the strange objects, sharp items, or anything that is suspicious and might take you down on the journey to reach the exit door.

As you are trying to move out of the crumbling in a volcanic eruption, the other rabbits on the same platform will move at the same speed and there will be chaos as well! Keep your focuses and stay calm to move toward the stable blocks. As long as you can constantly move towards the right blocks, you will be able to avoid sliding down the volcano.

Don't stay on teh collapsing floor for too long or else the other panicking rabbits might hit you and push you down. Steer clear of the fast-paced or bigger rabbits to avoid collision at all costs! You can learn to find and pick up bonus items that will be crucial to helping you progress in the game.

Learn how to play play dirty and trap the opponents to make them fall first in your place. Let's keep the most important rule of not falling downstage in mind while progressing in this game online from https://gogy.games/! We provide a new list filled with different gaming cateogries like Airplane Missile Escape for you to explore, so don't miss them out! A huge amount of fun is ready for kids of all ages to explore! 

Instruction to play:

Move using arrow keys,

jump using the spacebar,

 interact using the left mouse button.