Straw Hat Samurai

Such an intense gory action samurai game like Straw Hat Samurai from Gogy 2022 land will be a treat for all kids who love the ninja and samurai themed games! Join this free game to explore the time of war in which the samurai plays a crucial role in the battle of the lands. To protect their lords and the land, the samurai will tackle the road and defeating the opposite conquering warlords.

Your character - Aka-Ryu will prepare for his trip to the north. Not only will you need to protect your forts and defend the villagers but you also need to expand the land. It's a fierce action game where you get to take the role of an elite leader to win over the other warriors. Use the technique of the sword and hit all the targets on your path. The sword is your main weapon to destroy your opponents and escape the traps, so learn how to use it wisely to stay alive in this vicious battle.

Exquisite sound and graphics are the highlight of the game. It's fascinating to enjoy the great animation and action theme while trying to gain some combat experience with a lot of difficulties and challenges. Get through the long road together and see how you can ace all the hidden traps, the strawman, and the opponent that pop up randomly on the road.

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Instruction to play:

Click and move the mouse to control the samurai.