Slap Kings

Find out if you can conquer the title of the king of a slap in this Gogy free game called Slap Kings! It's one of the unusual battles where you can only use the means of slapping to defeat and neutralize your enemies. The rule is just like the name of the game. You will go and slap on your opponent’s face constantly until you have managed to knock him out. Finish off one opponent and go on with the next to maintain your long record of battle-winning!

The tournament and mechanism of this game are so weird that you might need a tutorial from the beginning of the game. Follow the instructions and test out the power, force, and how to develop a good slap that will bring your scores. Once you have become confident with your skills, it's time to take your character to a real battle and test it out. There is a bar on the top of the game screen, which is an indicator tool that shows you the timing.

Wait patiently until the moving arrow stops right in the middle of the indicator tool to click and slap. The damage on your opponent is determined by your timing skills and the position that the arrow stops when you hit the button. This means that paying your utmost attention to the timing will give you the best rewards. Update the HP by visiting the store at to make sure that your slap gets more and more powerful.

Keep an eye out for a chance to make a 2x slap, which will double your scores and defeat your opponent 2 times faster than usual. Purchase new skins for your character when the bar is filled up! Test out more unique games with plenty of updates like Fortune Cookies e Mathpup Chase Multiplication

Instruction to play:

Slap and interact using the left button.