War Of Tanks

Welcome to this all-out game of war and destruction from Gogy land! Not only will you have to enter and survive the war-torn battlefields but you also have to function in a heavily armored battle tank. Since the goal is to win the battle, the players should take advantage of the tools, weapons, and vehicles.


There are plenty of choices, ranging from the tanks, small jeep, machine gun to the bombs and explosives. Use your main weapon and move around the map whilst attempting to take down all the tanks in sight. As the enemies show up randomly and unexpectedly, make sure that you cover every inch of the map to search and locate the enemies first. When shooting your gun, the players of the game at http://gogy.games/ can also use the special feature which allows you to zoom in and aim.


This helps you aim more precisely and carry out the most perfect shots. Don't leave your tank and keep loading or else you will not be able to shoot. The game also emphasizes the team spirit as the best way is to move as a unit with your other tanks. Will you be able to seek out all the enemies on the map? Don't miss out on the chance to play this realistic game with amazing graphics and layout. Be a part of the victory team! It will take some time to adjust, but we guarantee that you will have fun! Make sure to check out some other games such as Dead Zone Sniper and Bullet Fire 2 as well!

Instruction to play:

Use WASD or arrow keys to move. Aim, lock and shoot using the left mouse.