Blocky Rabbit Tower

Blocky Rabbit Tower is all the rage these days thanks to its amazing 3D graphics and fun gameplay. This is one of the games from Gogy collection of the jumping game for kids. There are four different models or tower for you to discover. On each tower, multiple traps, spikes, and deep holes are placed randomly.


The players will have to try to jump up from the bottom of the tower to the top of it. How will you do that? The rabbit will climb up using the up and down stair. When you manage to reach the top, a juicy prize in the form of carrots will be there for you. Think twice before you jump because the traps in this arcade game are scattered around for you in every corner. Before jump on the moving ladder, don't forget to observe carefully to avoid stepping on any dangerous objects.


If you happen to step on these spikes, the game will be over immediately. Since the game has a detailed and carefully designed layout, the players will be satisfied as their experience can be optimized. Also, play to compete with the other players at using your high scores. Will you be able to dominate the Carrot Tower, Spicy Burger tower and Green Place? Just keep jumping to gain the most carrots possible. Challenge yourself with more games like Pandas In The Desert and Colorzzle.

Instruction to play:

Click on the screen to make the rabbit jump.