Yummy Donut Factory

The daily work of a donut chef in this Gogy cooking game of Yummy Donut Factory will not be simple as you are the sole chef in a chain of donut baking! Grab the recipe, prepare the tools, and make sure to follow the steps to create the best batches of donuts to showcase to the world. First, learn the layout and the stages that you will be exploring in this online game.

Four main tasks will help to create the base, the cream, the decoration, and the final touch. You need to mix the required ingredients in the first stage to make a mixture of donut dough, from sugar, milk, eggs, and other available ingredients. Make sure to choose the right one and pour in a moderate amount to make the most suitable and delicious dough for frying later. Keep an eye on the fluffiness of it and once it's ready, you can move on to the next step with creating the donut shape.

Choose the frames and cut the donuts in the shapes that you would like. Drop them all in the oven so that you can have nice and crispy baked donuts. Now it's time for the step of whipping the cream, decorating, and throwing on some eye-catching and sweet goodies like candies, sprinkles, frosting cream, and others!

Become the best donut baker who can come up with the most beautiful decoration and a delicious base for donut dough now! We are looking for the best bakers in other cooking and baking games such as Tales Of Crevan, all available with the cutest gameplay and adorable characters from https://gogy.games/! Let's see how many amazing donuts you can create in one go!

Instruction to play:

Click and move the mouse to interact or use the swipe motion on mobiles and tablets.