Magic Circus Match 3

Matching games have always been good options for fans of the puzzle, jigsaw, and problem-solving games. How about taking a new magical trip to conquer this Gogy new game: Magic Circus Match 3 where the most mysterious atmosphere is about to embrace you? The exciting gameplay of matching these gorgeous gems will soon capture your attention from the first minute of starting the very first match!

The goal is to meet the requirement of scores and gained crystals on the top panel for each level. Do the work of switching positions between the crystals and matching them to capture a set of the same type to collect for each stage. This game has a feature that is different from others, which is that you can replay multiple times with unlimited lives. Instead of having to compete for new chances to play, you can freely emerge in the world of puzzle games for as much as you want!

Besides the gems spreading out and mixing up on the board, keep an eye out for other obstacles, bombs, or explosives as well. Can you adapt your playing style and techniques to conquer these 5000 levels in no time? Swapping the crystals to make the set of three identical crystals on the lines of rows or columns or both if possible. The more crystals there are on your lines, the higher your combos will be.

Use the bonuses gained from gathering the combos to blast up a huge block of crystals when you get stuck. The power of smashing multiple obstacles will be crucial and helpful to get you to higher levels. Don't forget to learn the tricks on how to create the most magical combinations with other games like Ocho for a top-range high score record from

Instruction to play:

Click to move the jewels.