Boxing Random

Channel your inner boxer and bring out the best moves to win this Gogy new game of Boxing Random! There's no running away from the matches, but all you need to do is learn the necessary moves and throw the punches at the right time. Two modes for two players and one player in Single mode will be available. It's a battle either against the PC or against your friends on the same server. Go with the one that suits your first, however, no matter which mode you are on, the goal remains unchanged.

You need to deliver a total of 5 successful hits before the other opponent wins. One point is recorded when a player manages to punch the opponent's face or hit the opponent's body. The highlight that makes this game stand out among the other simple fighting games is the random item at the beginning of each round. Each player gets one random object that helps you with the task if you know how to use it. Utilize the booster of long arms, punches with rockets, icy features, and other valuable items to shorten the time needed to defeat your opponent.

Pay attention to the distance between you and the other player. This addictive gameplay with simple yet elaborate features will soon become your favorite, so spare some time to have a blast with it now! No more than 1 button is needed for each player to control and punch the other, which makes it much easier for kids of all ages to discover the game and enjoy the fun with limited time to spare! The first few rounds can end quite soon if you fail to protect your character, or if you are good enough to clear the opponent with one punch! Let's see if you are good at avoiding the attacks, dodging the hits, or counter-attacking in this similar-themed games such as Basket Battle or Puper Ball from the list of Since it's not a turn-based boxing battle, take every chance you have to deliver the punches and kicks before getting hit by your enemies!


Instruction to play:

Use W or the up arrow to play.