Project Borgs Is Out Of Control

Emerge in this intense storyline of an exploded lab in which you will need to help with the clean-up! Join this new game of Project Borgs Is Out Of Control from the list of updated games from Gogy land to enjoy a fun time. As the labs of Regen company have been ruined and exploded from the result of their latest experiment, there are now tons of bots roaming around the place.

Project Borgs produced the self-replicating death bots and they are swarming all over the facility, preparing to leak outside. It's your job to join the team to take control of the Defence Droids. This is the previous project which was out of favor by the company but it's your only chance of regaining control of the research labs. There will be a total of more than 2000 missions for you to explore in this endless arcade game, so prepare yourself and start now!

The rule is to aim and perfectly shoot at all the approaching bots. They move in the team and at a different pace, therefore, you need to have a strategy of which to take down first. Pay attention to the ones that move exceedingly fast or the one that approaches too close. Keep an eye on the 30 burn cards and the marked area to know your progress.

There will be 12 droids waiting for you to unlock with your gained scores, so keep shooting in this fast-paced shooting game online! Emerge in this epic adventure and discover more genres with new games like Knight Dash or Confront, all available at the tip of your finger at! How fast will you be able to take down the first bot that you have to tackle in this game?

Instruction to play:

Use WASD or Arrow Keys to aim and shoot, mouse to interact.