Pet 5 Diffs

Get your hawk eyes to work in this game of Spot The Difference - a Gogy online game with a puzzle genre, interesting rules, fun gameplay, and high-quality sets of images! You will find yourself emerging in this new puzzle game as you search all nooks and crannies on two given images where five points are waiting. The key to this game is all about finding the points that show even the slightest difference between the two images and going ahead to make them correct.

One-click on the spot will remove them from the frames, as long as you pick the right one. We recommend that you look back and forth between the pairs of images to spot the right points before clicking. Like any usual puzzle game, this one also comes with a hint list that you can utilize under the circumstances of not finding out anything. Another thing to look out for in this game will be the used time. The more time you have left on your remaining count clock, the higher your bonus scores will be.

How are you planning to carry out your technique and strategy to get all five spots as soon as possible? Share some tips with others and emerge in more puzzle games, regardless of themes and gameplay, here at! Bring your talent with catching even the smallest distinct points or unusual items on the frames to clear all levels with flying colors! Are you looking for more puzzle games that have a new theme and special gameplay? Participate in some new choices like Bubble Queen Cat or Solitaire Swift that is perfect for a relaxing Saturday off with online games! 

Instruction to play:

Use the left button to choose the differences.

Mobiles and tablets users play with a touchpad.