Monster Popsy Surprise Dolls

Popsies are the cutest monsters that you can find on Gogy girl games, but they need a bit of transformation before turning into adorable dolls that all kids love. Will you be able to make these harmless and cute dolls become the loveliest dolls among these fairy monsters? There is a lot of work to do. To match the makeup and magical hairstyles as well as the outfits, you need to understand the body features of different monster types.

Some of the characters that you can meet in this game are the little mermaid, the fat centaur, satyr, and many other unique creatures. Take a look at their horns, tails, and hooves to learn how to match the outfit properly. Other than the special features on the body, the other steps of choosing the hairstyles, mixing and matching outfits, finding suitable accessories, and remaining work of makeover will be unchanged.

Continue to carry on with your good work and apply the trendiest patterns, fabrics, and styles for our fairy kingdom. Separate tops and bottoms will be cute and easy for activities, but long dresses and suits are much more charismatic and special in their own ways. Select the style and vibe that you think is perfect for each popsy doll in this game of Monster Popsy Surprise Dolls and of course, surprise everyone with their transformation!

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Instruction to play:

Use the left mouse to choose the clothing pieces and accessories for each doll. We guarantee that you will have a blasting gaming experience and capture the new fashion customs through this game!