Zombie Robogeddon

Zombie Robogeddon will test your highest level of defense and offense with a large map, herds of zombies, and limited resources. How will you manage to stay in one piece while defeating those ugly zombies to escape this Gogy online game? Depending on the level, the map layout and the missions, as well as the number of zombies, vary. The further you go, the more zombies you have to defeat to continue the journey.

The game's main goal is to give a headshot to any zombie that randomly shows up on your way. Aim correctly to avoid wasting time and bullets since they are very aggressive and crowded in number. Another element that is very crucial to your chance of winning this game is the amount of ammo that you have left.

Pay attention and keep upgrading your set of weapons to maximize the damage range and protect yourself against these creatures! A good player will be able to switch between different weapons for different situations. Even if you are a newcomer in this genre, there are still a lot of suitable matches await with a detailed tutorial.

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Instruction to play:

Aim and shoot using the mouse cursor and the left button.