Brain IQ Test Minecraft Quiz

Guessing the right answers to advance to the winning slot here at Brain IQ Test Minecraft Quiz from Gogy land! This puzzle and quiz game will have nothing in common with the usual thing that you love. Let's see if you can crack the tough quiz with your wisdom! All available characters in the game are designed and made in the style of Minecraft, as well as the platform itself. You will need to answer correctly continuously to raise your ranking and get to the highest leagues. Specialists of this genre will enjoy this pixelated art theme and like the graphics of the game, which creates a very Minecraft scenario feeling. Solve the quizzes one by one in the order that they are assigned to you.

You have to answer correctly in comparison to others so that you can defeat the opponents in intellectual duels. There will be a statistic for you to keep track of the remaining questions as well as your gained scores from the in-game board. You will be able to unlock new characters with your high scores. Aim to be at the top of the Leaderboard to see how many characters there will be in your collection! If you are a fan of interactive puzzle games, this game will be a perfect option for your playtime at !

Keep in mind that it's not about the precise answer to the question, but you need to choose which sounds most suitable and might be chosen the most by other players. It's calculated based on the total similar answers. More fun puzzles like Grass Cutting Puzzle or Paint Island might be the next level to conquer thanks to its challenging theme. Don't forget that this game can be shared with other friends and family of yours for free!

Instruction to play:

How to play: Use the mouse to pick the answer.