Light Speed Superhero Rescue Mission

A combination of the best speed heroes that you can possibly imagine has created a game of Light Speed Superhero Rescue Mission, a new mission for the enthusiastic players in Gogy fun games. The best of this game will bring your inner fighter who can manage well with the new superpower.

Like any other adventure and fighting game, your job is to overcome the challenges, defeat the enemies, and resolve the problems in order to move onto the next levels. If you grew up falling in love with superheroes, this game might be one of your favorites soon. From flying heroes to heroes with super-strength, you will get to experience a battle with them all as long as you have the ability and the bravery to tackle the battles. Paying attention to the arrow that shows the direction towards the people who are in desperate need of your help.

Choose your desired hero and create his superpower before starting doing any mission. The goal is to clear out whichever obstacles or challenges that are put on your path. Explore more challenges on the map and pass it to the next stages. The unique point of this game is that there is no clear way of doing things. Just follow your instinct and make sure that all innocent people will be saved in time.

As the protagonists, doing good tasks and helping people are the two most crucial essence for the game along with defeating evil forces. If you can't find the way around this interactive game at, just simply follow the step-by-step tutorial that is exclusive for each hero. Bravery will take you to lots of places with more battles like Super Escape Masters and Blocky Swat Shooting Iceworld Multiplayer

Instruction to play:

Complete the mission and help rescue people using the mouse or the arrow keys.