Pixelkenstein 80s Time

Pixelkenstein 80s Time at Gogy 2021 takes over the classic arcade gameplay with a new plot, unique character designs, and the highest quality graphics and layout. If you are a diehard fan of Mario yet are looking for a good spin-off, this one will be the suitable option! The main task remains unchanged for all levels, which is to swiftly move from one end of the platform to the other before the time runs out.

As you reach the destination, don't forget to pull the oil leverage in order to release the oil tank for that level. This action will unlock the exit door leading to the next stage! The number and settings of obstacles vary depending on the difficulty level, the speed, and the given timeframe. Regardless of the obstacles, you need to move swiftly and precisely to avoid running out of your precious 60 seconds.

Should you die because of any setbacks while being on the way to the goal, you will have to restart the process by running from the starting point again, therefore, do your best to avoid being killed midway. Be mindful of boosters, updates, new items, and other new characters showing up as you are rushing to the finish line! If you die on the way or time runs out, time will reset so that you will go back to the starting point and start once again.

For newbies, a tip to keep the Pixelkenstein in one piece is to pay attention to the hole, traps, and hidden pitfalls scattered around the place. It will not work if you don't constantly improve your performance and enhance the skill sets with more games like Zombie Idle Defense Online or Black Thrones, all available on the free list at http://gogy.games/

Instruction to play:

Instructions for playing Pixelkenstein 80s Time: Use WASD or Arrow keys to move the character, Shift to jump or use items.