Dragon Simulator

Dragons and zombies are both scary and unique creators which can only be seen in the magical world. With Dragon Simulator multiplayer game, not only will you experience the world of dragons but you can also fight many intense battles against the zombies. Like any simulator game, this Gogy game allows the players to enjoy a magnificent 3D design with smooth graphics and many different viewpoints.

You can scroll around the map almost 360 degrees to explore the magical world. Each player will control a flying dragon on a post-apocalyptic scenario. Your goal is to get rid of all the zombies roaming the town and collect their souls to bring peace back to this land. You can only finish the game when you have absorbed 100 of them. Some of them will hide very well between the buildings, under the bridge and on the sky, therefore, you need to look carefully to locate all those blood-thirsty undead.

Utilize the dragon's fireball and you will destroy the enemies in no time! Make sure that you search every nook and cranny to kill all the zombies. At http://gogy.games/, it's all about the fighting skills, the flexible movement and a great sense on the battlefield. Can you show us your dragon? Come and challenge yourself with players from around the world in more games like Hunter and Dynamons World.

Instruction to play:

Use arrows and WASD to move, Mouse to aim and shoot, Space to fly, Shift to sprint, Q to jump and R to dodge the attacks.