Wizard's Treasure

The quest for hunting the Wizard's Treasure has never been this good thanks to the new version of the game from Gogy land with the top quality graphics and elaborated gameplay. In this puzzle with gems, the players, or shall I say, the treasure hunters, will be going into the tombs of the wizards and conquer the quest of ransacking the farthest corners of the earth.

The goal is to look for rare artifacts by matching the chunks of gold, silver, gems, and jewelry scattered around on the board. By spotting and arranging a line of three or more similar gems, you can clear them out of the grid and collect the scores. The main hero in this game already knew the location and the map that shall lead to the burial place of the biggest treasure trunk for African tribes. Will you be able to use your puzzling and arranging skills to successfully collect the biggest legendary pink diamond in the last stage of the game.

Let's roam this hidden temple that is hidden in the thicket and learn how to crack this lock made of multi-colored stones. Spot any element that can help build pebbles of three or more identical pieces and swap them as fast as possible. By collecting a line of more than 3 gems, you will be able to cast a bonus on the line and use it for more scores.

A special Shaman bonus is given once you have a line filled with bonuses. Use it to cast a spell on the whole trunk and clear out as many colored stones as possible. By reaching the requirement, the players get to proceed to the next one. Discover more gems in the other games like Animals And Star  and Rectangular Path from https://gogy.games/ as well!

Instruction to play:

Controls: Click and move the left mouse to swap.