Russian Taz Driving

Russian Taz Driving - the new Gogy game for kids - tests not only your ability to target the other drivers on a high-speed chase but also provides the most beautiful roads and sceneries for a Russian city. In this virtual version of car games, the players will get to drive their car, hand-pick the parts and be the ones to single-handedly pushing the other cars off the track.

Once the exciting game starts, hit the gas and drive off on the racing tracks. The game will test your ability to control the movement of the car and learn how to balance it while being hit. Whether you lack experience with this kind of game or not, feel free to tackle the tutorial and grasp the basics of the game immediately. A tip for newbies is to avoid collision with either the sidewalk or the intersection.

As you move onto different tracks and get to higher levels, higher speed is required in order to survive among the fastest players. Different backgrounds and sceneries will show for a different play, as well as a change in the weather to make the race more challenging. It will be an easy track for you if the weather is sunny and the road is clear. However, should you tackle a snowy path or a race under a rainstorm, the story is different.

Feel free to demonstrate how you drift, move, and control your car parts throughout this special gaming selection at! Other than different city roads, grab the items that show up randomly on the road to get some momentum or boosters to your car. It's not that hard to find plenty of other online games with similar gameplay from our website such as Crazy Racing 2020, so hop right into them later! 

Instruction to play:

Use the mouse to interact, WASD or arrows to drive the car.