Black Thrones

Black Thrones - the new Gogy online game 2021 is the perfect opportunity for players who would love a bit of adventure and a bit of fighting sensation. It's the newly added game in the adventure genre, but you can look forward to high-quality graphics with action-based features and more updates! The goal is to claim the throne and rip off the hungry zombies who are clinging to this city.

You need to help the king protect not only his kingdom but also his loved ones against the deadly attack of the undead. The endless road for a hero will be lonely, but train your character and use the passion to conquer this adventure in no time! Avoid the holes, pitfalls, and deadly edges by jumping on perfect timing to hop on the safe platform. Other than the pitfalls, spikes and traps will appear randomly on your path, therefore, stay focus to spot them when they start to pop up. Gain new weapons with your coins and continue to upgrade them for better capacity and the best firepowers.

You can try out with the first two or three stages to test out your gained weapons and learn the layout of this game at Keep your persistence when it comes to ruthlessly defeat the enemies because accuracy and swift movements only show when the players focus. Will you be able to scrape all zombies from the surface of the kingdom and keep your power as the owner of Black Thrones?

Fight your way to take over more kingdoms or win other battles in games like Bullet Rush later! As the platforms and obstacles in this game change constantly, we need fighters who can adapt and show perfect reflexes. 

Instruction to play:

Move using the arrow keys, interact and choose using the left mouse button.