Jewel Match

If you like shimmering jewelry, you can enjoy watching the beautiful jewel in this new Gogy puzzle game! It's a matching game in which you can test out your skills with the positions of the diamonds! Don't miss our new game Jewel Match for free!


Your job is to swap one jewel with another jewel which is adjacent to it in order to form a horizontal or vertical chain of three or more jewels. Keep in mind that these diamonds must be of the same color. You can choose to play through each level in the normal mode, or race against the time in the Time Rush mode. It will be more challenging to play under the pressure, however, whichever mode you choose, fun is still guaranteed! Pay attention to the near-by diamonds to come up with the best moves and strategies. Also, you will be rewarded with extra scores if you manage to fill up the column with more than three diamonds.


Try your best to place four or five diamonds in a line and receive some new bombs and special diamonds as well. The gameplay resembles some of the classic games with the same theme, however, the updates and beautiful graphics in this game at will change your mind! Countless levels are available for you to experience the endless fun. Keep switching the diamonds and matching the lines to get the highest scores possible. More fun puzzle games that you can also check out are Super Color Lines and Candy Forest.

Instruction to play:

Switch the diamonds using the left mouse.