Pinata Masters

It's fun to hit the pinata in the party using all of your power and make the doll explode! Now, with Pinata Masters online game from Gogy 2019, you can have fun with a virtual pinata that is filled with candies and cool goods inside! The main category of this game is a reflex clicking game in which the players need to click constantly and steadily to pop the pinata figure.

Using the available tools, your ultimate goal is to destroy the big, colorful pinata hanging from the hanger in order to figure out the secret inside. You can choose any weapon that you like, ranging from swords, sticks, knives to throw at it until. When it explodes, collect the items that fall down! It's extremely satisfying to enjoy a relaxing game with a free mind. There is no need to worry about scores, record or anything!

All you have to do is to shoot at the right timing. The fun starts when you gain scores and can unlock new weapons and upgrades. Those will make your character move faster, expand the damage range and have plenty of fun with more unique ammo. Moreover, you will learn how to take advantage of the best features of each weapon in order to maximize your damage range during your gaming experience in

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Instruction to play:

play with the mouse.