Super Hoops Basketball

Demonstrate your talent when it comes to maneuvering the basketball in this Gogy free ball game: Super Hoops Basketball - one of the new generations of combined puzzle games and arcade games. Enjoy the fun challenges and mini-tasks that are laid out in this game where the players crack the problem in a short amount of time. You have limited moves and chances to input the ball into the assigned basket.

The only objects that you can move on the platform are the wood blocks which can be rotated to let the ball slide through. Use the tilt angle and inclination of the blocks to control the ball's movement and guide it toward the place that you like. Delivering the ball to the hoop is only one of the required tasks on the task list.

There will be scattered stars on your path. Do your best to gather as many as possible to defeat your previous record. A good result will be a winning match with a full three-star count, so do your best to guarantee the high quality of your moves. While collecting the stars, be careful and steer clear of the edge.

If you steer the platform blocks too much or your inclination angle is too much, the ball will slip. If it fails to reach the basket and reaches the ground instead, your turn is over. There's no limit on the time that you can think of the solution, but the number of moves will be quite strict. Could you finish a level with one move Gain plenty of tips and tricks for puzzle games like Football Juggle from our daily replenished collection of games at

Instruction to play:

Move the block angles using the A and D keys or arrow keys.