Mushroom Pop

Mushroom Pop is not your ordinary casual arcade game. Instead, the players of Gogy land can look forward to a new combination of strategy, puzzle, and arcade features. All of these features are updated and embedded in this new addition to our free game list. The goal of each stage is to solve the given problem of popping all sets of mushrooms on the gameboard. You will find the positioning and the placement of these mushroom piece varies depending on the stage that you are on.

The higher the level, the harder it is to solve the problem in one go. After you pop a random mushroom, that specific mushroom will release the round ball that can set off a chain of popping for near-by pieces. A larger mushroom can expand and pop off more mushrooms than a small one. Use your wisdom and come up with a suitable strategy to use the least moves for removing a whole board filled with mushrooms as fast as possible!

With that idea in mind, you can freely use your creative method to win the game with just one tap. Understanding the mushroom types and the chain of reactions that it will set off will be the key element to winning this game at! Despite the advanced rule set and elaborated gameplay, you will be able to master it just after a few attempts! Bear in mind that the start reward is decided base on the number of moves used.

As the balls are released to set off the reaction moves in the horizontal and vertical lines, pay attention to the mushrooms in that order on the gameboard. If you get stuck on some levels, feel free to use the boosters or the hints to carry on easily! Would you be interested in selecting a few more popular and hilarious games like Tiny Diggers from our website? 

Instruction to play:

Click to pop the mushrooms.