Pet Lovers Jigsaw

Conquer this new set of puzzle with Pet Lovers Jigsaw - a new Gogy puzzle game with the special flavor of the classical jigsaw game embedded with newly designed images and frames. Like any other usual puzzle game, your main task is to rearrange the location and placement of the scattered jigsaw pieces. As long as you can rearrange them to form the original picture as given, you will win the level immediately. We record the time wasted as well as the number of moves you used, therefore, try to limit these two elements to gain combos and bring home the highest scores possible.

Explore the difference and various new points between the 2 modes as given in the games to see which one is your cup of tea! To clear out each mode, you will need to win the challenge of 24 levels, each with a signature setting and unique layout. First, memorize the original frame with its details in the short time you are given. Once the pieces are scarmbled, it's your time to start organizing it. It's a perfect zen game with relaxing puzzle gameplay that you can easily share and enjoy alongside your friends and family during any playtime!

Don't forget about the time limits given for the levels. Once the time runs out, you can't continue on the current puzzle anymore. The control key set is easy enough that even newbies and kids can control it in one trial. Any type of pointer on devices such as the mouse cursor or the touchpad will do. Come to conquer all the difficult and easy puzzle frames here with diverse layout and unique boards at such as the popular games like Words Detective Bank Heist or Jungle Jewels Connect

Instruction to play:

Use the mouse or the touchpad to move and rearrange the puzzle pieces.