Jungle Dash Mania

It's time to get away from the big forest bear with Jungle Dash Mania, an online game from Gogy 4 kids. Does it sound different from the other running games that you have experienced? The goal is to jump, dodge, and move around the traps and the obstacles in order to make it out of the forest. The obstacles such as holes, tree trunks, traps, rocks, and stumps are just the small parts of the danger that awaits.

You will have to keep an eye out for the giant bear that will show up randomly behind you and chase to capture you alive. Keep moving and choose the right moment to click the keys so that the main character can bounce, roll, or dodge in time. Of course, to boost the speed and the energy, there will be power-ups and boosters that you can gather on your way. These precious and valuable items play the role of protecting and boosting the speed as well as retaining the lives in this crazy dash through the old jungle.

It's a type of running game for the enthusiastic players who is all about winning. Prepare yourself for the endless journey that will need more than just patience and swiftness, as well as a brave heart. The graphics are incredible with the vibrant colored background of the jungle, high-quality design of obstacles, and smart mechanism of gameplay. Don't forget to emerge into the realistic setting as you hop through the obstacles.

Enjoy the free gameplay of this adventure game from Light Speed Superhero Rescue Mission and keep in mind that you should share with your friends and family later! Can you tell which rank on the Leaderboard will be yours? 

Instruction to play:

Use the arrow keys or swipe on the screen to change the direction.