Flying Cut

Have fun with the moments of relief and relaxation with this game of Flying Cut - a new game that is casual and addictive enough to get the attention of hundreds of new players here at Gogy land! Not only is it a casual game genre that is easy to play but its increasing difficulty will keep you entertained for a long time. The main theme of the game focuses on the chopping and cutting of huge blocks of items, all lining up on your chop board.

The ideal performance is to cut all these things as they pop up on your route and do everything it takes to clear the path to your finished line. Thanks to the realistic 3D gaming session with elaborated challenges from in-game design, you will continue to dash through more newly added levels with a variety of barriers. Chopping a larger number of items will not be easy, but you can utilize the angle and force of the cut to make the most of what you have.

Two main elements that will contribute greatly to your victory in this game are the perfect timing for releasing the knives and a good estimation of the angle. Both are crucial to getting the highest scores on the Leaderboard. Don't miss out on any close-up items because these are the easy ones.

You can always prepare for the other items coming from a further distance by estimating the length and force needed to chop them off. How good are your knife control skills? Why don't you take a chance to brush off the skill and learn a thing or two about knives maneuvering with this game from Keep your gaming time exciting with other similar themed options such as Round N Round later!

Instruction to play:

Use the mouse or touchpad to chop off the items.