Parking Space

Learning how to park in real life might be hard due to the limitation in the viewpoints. Now, with Parking Space, the new game with parking theme at Gogy 2019, the players will have the free chance to dive into a driving lesson with us! You will learn the basic movements and tips on how to parking the most expensive cars in a driving simulation platform. The fancy sports cars will make your experience with the parking theme much better!

Different difficulty levels will be helpful in picking out your desired level. From beginners to advanced drivers, we guarantee that there will be a suitable option for you right here at The goal is to be the player who accomplishes the most number of levels while keeping the car intact. However, when you move on to the higher stages, pay attention to more items and lots of difficult and complicated situations arise.

The overall task is to locate the single blank parking spot in the area, move your car to that spot without crashing into others or damaging your own. It will require your swift movements and the flexibility to conquer any arising situation. Don't take too long or else the place might become occupied by someone else!

It's the best place to practice your parking skill without destroying any real car in the process. Take the time to train your skills with more games like Car Racing 3D and Biker Lane later! 

Instruction to play:

Use the arrow keys to move the car.