Tower Ball 3D

Coloring games nowadays usually have extra 3D graphics features embedded inside in order to optimize the players' experience with the overall layout. Tower Ball 3D, a funny arcade game for relaxation from Gogy new games, is no exception. In this game, we bring the satisfaction of freely smashing through platforms. You will be controlling a white ball bouncing up and down the platform's layers.

The ball will break through each layer whenever you click on the screen, however, it's not that easy. Only when it stands on the white part will it be able to smash through and move to the next layer. If you touch the black part, the game will be over. It might seem easy when you first start the game since the only task is to avoid the black parts.

As you progress through the game and reach higher levels at, the ball speed will increase significantly to the point that it moves at full speed. That's when your ball will catch fire! Since the capacity has been increased then, even the black platforms will be no match for you. How long will it take you to reach the point in the game? We keep the record for every time that you take a shot in order to use for final ranking. Keep up the good work and try to improve your performance after each trial!

Only the best players can defeat the highest scores of others and overcome his or her own old records! There are more relaxation games such as Balls Rotate and Volley Beans that also have the arcade theme that you love! 

Instruction to play:

Tap on the screen or click to break through the layers.