Fruit Legions Monsters Siege

Fruit Legions Monsters Siege is a new Gogy 2 online game that takes place on one of a kind and magical continent where a lot of plants are living peacefully. To keep the peace on the land, these talking plants need your help to stand against the war that is going to break out soon. There will be waves and armies of monsters trying to take over the kingdom, but you will make sure that doesn't happen.

You can help out using the fruits of their cultivation as weapons and shoot to protect their home. The work starts right away and you will have to start the work of allocating a reasonable crop formation and create a defensive line of yours. Only by building a fortress that can protect the village against all kinds of attacks will you be able to win the game! Let's start fighting for the homeland alongside the mighty plants from the game at!

As the army of monsters is approaching, it's your time to take the place of a commander and start plant warrior plants. Hit the farm with the new seeds and wait for them to grow before starting to merge them. The more you manage to merge, the higher levels they will be.

Once they are ready, place them on the front line and keep up the seeding and crop work behind. It's crucial that you manage both tasks of creating a good defense formation and a healthy crop if you want to stand a chance in this game! Get ready and conquer more adventures like White Dot if this is your favorite style of game. You can start off by learning the fighting and strategy techniques in this game first before hitting up the harder ones.

Instruction to play:

Controlling keys: Use the left mouse button to choose, move and fight.