Pick Up Rush

The craziest drivers will be the best options to win Pick Up Rush! This is a new gaming selection from Gogy 2020 with one of the best arcade themes for relaxation. The players will get a taste of being a taxi driver in the crowded city for a day. Your job is obviously to pick up customers and take them to their destinations within a limited time. There will be different customers with different goals and timeframe, therefore, it's best to complete any task in the shortest time possible.

For each successful turn that you manage to bring the customers to their destination, you will be rewarded with additional seconds. The car moves automatically, which means that the only element that you can control is the speed and the pause of it. Choosing the right timing to move forward is the most crucial thing to claim the top spots. On the few first levels, it's easier to complete the tasks thanks to the simple requirements.

However, after you have progressed further in the game at gogy Games to play , it will be harder to dodge the policeman and avoid crashing into the other cars. If you move while the traffic light is red, make sure that there is no police car around. Do all you need to do to fulfill the tasks with the best record! There are plenty of other simple yet fun car games like Parking Space and Zero Collision  for you to explore.

Instruction to play:

Tap or click to move the car faster.