Flip Skater Idle

Flip Skater Idle will be the perfect chance for players who love a thrilling ride to conquer the road on an individual skateboard! There will be plenty of obstacles such as the poles, spiky objects, and so on to keep your adventure tougher. The final objective of this game is to make sure that all the obstacles cannot slow down the skater. Move along the line alongside another player on the same track.

You need to collect as many stars as possible and stay on board with your partner. If you fail to stay on the main lane or collide with any blocks, the game will be over. A total of more than 50 levels with diverse layouts, different settings for obstacles, and more than a simple test will be waiting for you. One of the key points to winning this game from the Gogy running game will be the ability to quickly dodge the items.

Good reflexes and interaction will get you going for a long time here. Stay on your toes as the speed of the game is increasing slowly throughout the stages, therefore, you need to continue to adapt the techniques and skills to make sure that you don't get left behind. Feel free to challenge another player here and conquer this online game with your new record!

From the list of https://gogy.games/, we have plenty of arcade games with the best interaction features such as Basketball Challenge for you to enjoy later! Pay attention to the position of the skateboard and make sure to observe the setting of upcoming items to clear out the places. Let's see how long you can stay balanced on the skateboard in this game! 

Instruction to play:

Use the A and D keys or arrow keys to control the direction of movement.

Use a touchpad to play on mobiles, tablets