Bucket Crusher

If you are looking for a good combination of a fascinating game embedded with both the interactive control keys and the vibrant animation, this new game of Bucket Crusher from our game list at Gogy action games will be a perfect option for you! Let's learn how to utilize this mechanical chain saw and use it wisely to crush various pixel mosaics! There is a huge wall set up for you to explore in this game. The goal is to become the driver of a truck that contains a bucket crusher at the top.

Control the machine and start working to demolish the wall as soon as possible with the least fuel wasted. There's a limit on how much fuel the truck can contain in one session. The record will stop once your fuel tank runs out. As it's an easy simulated destruction gaming selection, kids of all ages can relax and enjoy this fun and thrilling game by gathering various gold coins! Just by the work of demolishing the wall, you can enjoy the relaxation enough. Don't forget to keep upgrading your crusher and purchasing more tools with gold coins in order to increase the capacity and time wasted. At first, it's recommended to start with smaller bricked walls because these cost less to break.

Once you have progressed to the higher stages, be prepared for more bricks and a lot more huge bricks. Take your time but pay attention to the fuel tank from time to time! It's crucial to regularly replenish your fuel supply by choosing and aiming for gas cans. Are you ready to direct your unique crusher truck to conquer this game at https://gogy.games/? Challenge yourself with games from other genres such as Train Surfers or Robot Butcher

Instruction to play:

Use the mouse to control the crusher.