Big Must Jump

A challenging yet addictive game of Big Must Jump will be the perfect option for sharing, enjoying, and freestyling on the platform of more gogy for kids! The task might sound extremely easy, however, it's the fast movement of the two squares that make it hard to conquer. Once you start the game, you will find two squares on the big screen, one bigger than the other.

They can switch position and both are moving toward each other in a fast speed. Whichever side of the screen you choose to touch will result in the block on that side being moved. Make sure that you pick the bigger square and touch at the right timing. Only the big square can jump over the small one and not vice versa, therefore, choosing the right side of the screen is the key element for this game. The second crucial point is the timing as they move unexpectedly fast.

Learn how to keep track of their movement to make sure you time your jumping correctly. As you move to higher levels, the speed will be incredibly fast, which brings more challenges to the table. Would you like to showcase the flexibility and your talent in managing and estimating the movement of these blocks? Gain the top scores so as to get your names listed on the board at to get a taste of being on top!

In case your playtime needs new spices, get into tons of unique games such as Fit and Go Shape Puzzle that have the best genres and unique graphic design to create the best gaming experience for both newbies and advanced players! Be careful along the way and avoid collision between the two squares in this game at all costs for the best record!

Instruction to play:

Controls: Click to make it jump.