Another io gaming option is here for your entertainment with multiplayer joining the same server of! If you love multiplayer games with both fast-paced multiplayer puzzle games and room for growth, this one is a perfect choice! Once you hit the arena, it's crucial to find as many squares as you can from the screen. They can be scattered here and there, so it's important to roam as many territories as possible while searching for them.

Another key point for winning the game is to dodge the bigger opponents as they will be a danger to your character. The rule for consumption here in this Gogy io game is the bigger ones can consume the smaller ones. Don't let any of the bigger opponents touch your character or consume it.

You can control your character to move around using the map on the corner of the screen. As seen on the map, you can see the position of your character and others, which is helpful for both finding more squares and dodging dangerous enemies. The speed of growth should be adequate for the number of players on the field or else you will be left behind.

There is plenty of ways to survive and become the last one standing, so start testing out the game and show us how you plan to win it with your tactics! Don't forget about other popular games from the io section such as There's no cost for playing these, so feel free to choose and experience any that you love. Would you like to spread the fun theme and emerge into the more virtual world of games at

Instruction to play:

Use the left mouse button to move to any place,

the right button to rotate.

Skip using the spacebar.