Animals Pic Tetriz

Have you ever tried out such a unique game of puzzling like this one called Animals Pic Tetriz from Gogy online game? The goal is to put the pieces of an image to their correct positions, which is similar to the gameplay of any ordinary puzzle game. However, you will not do it the traditional way of picking up the pieces one by one and place them.

The cool point of this game, and also the challenging point, is that the board will give you a random piece belonging to the original frame. Your job is to drop it to the right line with the right positioning to recreate the required image. In order to form the complete picture, move the pieces to the left and the right and think of the placement using the image on it.

This game doesn't show the original image beforehand, therefore, use your imagination and logical skills to think of the best placement for each piece. It has a cool rule that resembles the classic Tetris game, with more twists and hilarious moments for the kids to freely enjoy! Do you know that there are eight different levels with uncommon frames? Do your best to finish each one before hitting the next so that you can get the highest record ever!

Check out the statistic board on the right-handed pane where you can keep track of the remaining time, the gained combos, the correct pieces and so many more! Let's see which players from can be the fastest ones to conquer all 8 images in this free online game! Would you like to spice up the puzzle world and take a dive into more games like Temple Ball?

Instruction to play:

Controls: Click the left mouse or tap the screen to move and drop the pieces.