Round N Round

How good are your reflex and movement when being under pressure? Emerge in this constantly moving rings in Round N Round - the latest updated game for kids here at Gogy land where the fun moments are created! You need to stay focused on every second of this game to quickly react to the upcoming obstacles. This game shall be the perfect test of your reaction and response skills.

Once you get into the arena that you are competing in, which is in the shape of a circular ring, you will need to move right away in order to dodge the obstacles as well as the hits coming from other balls. The overall main course in this arcade gameplay is to change your path to dodge new shapes, bullets, and random items coming your way with the highest precision rate. In this intuitive game of puzzle, the players will need to move at the best time to dash from one part of the ring to another.

Don't touch any obstacles or else the set will drop. Reward ads are the ways for you to double your score at the end of the game, so pay attention to them. The art of traversing the movement for all balls will be crucial to stay alive in this intense game pace, with the fast-paced moving targets changing constantly.

From the round to rectangle, square pieces, and dots, they will come towards your ring so random that moving out of their way will be quite a challenge for newbies. Keep perfecting your skills with more games like Santa Claus Winter Challenge from our daily updated list at where the best 2D, 3D, arcade, action-based, etc. games are kept! 

Instruction to play:

Click the mouse or tap the touchpad to reverse the direction of the ball.