Fashion Holic

Live the dream life of a fashionista with flashlights, a camera, great outfits, cocktail dresses, and dashing through one red carpet to another! Let's help your princess get into the most prestigious fashion shows and photoshoots with your styling and dressing up! It's the most glamorous world of Fashion Holic here at Gogy's new game 2022 where the best designers and fashion coordinators get the chance to demonstrate their knowledge and taste.

In order to be qualified for the life of a fashionista, a good outfit and great makeup as well as hairstyles will be crucial. This allows you to capture the best outfits, and enjoy fabulous moments alongside other celebrities. First, conquer the dressing room and help the girl choose appropriate outfits. The different occasion requires different options and sense in styles. For example, a ball needs a glamorous gown and matching diamond jewels. 

However, a daily gathering requires more of a chic outfit. Don't forget about posting your beautiful picture on the virtual SNS and capture fans around the world with these eye-catching social posts. Learn how to match each event's theme with your outfit and coordinate the accessories and shoes accordingly. This girl game needs you to showcase more than just knowledge of trendy patterns, but also the sense of classic taste to emerge in the high-class world of fashionista in the smoothest way!

Practice your fashion designing and styling with other similar girl games from such as Blondie Reload, all of which are filled with glamorous wardrobe options for you to see! Don't lose your basic style regardless of the occasion, and keep thriving with more and more out-of-the-world outfits to become the most popular! 

Instruction to play:

Use the left mouse or the touchpad to select the outfits and put them on.