Trash Truck Simulator

You have controlled a monster truck, a sports car, and a train here at Gogy car games. What about a garbage truck? This new simulation game Trash Truck Simulator will give all the boys and girls the chance to control his or her own big truck that holds trash from all over the city. Driving a garbage truck in the city environment will not be easy due to the size of it and the narrow of the city streets, which creates one of the ultimate tests of driving skills.

If you are confident of your driving skills, start taking a seat and carry out your job in this game right now! It's a new designed and animated truck which are based on real truck models in real life. Your job includes loading up the truck, driving it from one checkpoint to another, delivering the trash to your field.

The field will be a garbage processing plant, where the trash will be burned and carefully processed for a better environment. More than just balancing the truck, you also have to notice the passengers on the road, the bypassers and many other obstacles to avoid crashing or colliding.

A highlight in this game at is the viewpoint switching feature. Feel free to move from top viewpoint to side one and many others. This contributes greatly to your driving process. Don't forget about other good simulation games like Parking Fury 3 and Hill Drift 3D as well! 

Instruction to play:

Use WASD or Arrow keys to drive the truck

C to switch the viewpoints

The spacebar to load or unload trash

L for lights.