is the out of this world action game which you can play on gogy games online for free. This game is the newest multiplayer game that allows gamers to compete with plenty of gamers from the different countries. You are in the battle which takes place in the space. In this game, you need to be the ultimate spaceship pilot flying through the cosmos whilst battling other online players.

You are in the vast universe and your task is to take control of a small spaceship which is featured with the weapon. When you navigate around small planets and avoid meteorites, you can witness the stunning views. Move your vehicle around the arena and use your weapon to attack your enemies in gogy multiplayer games.

You must defeat all other players using your onboard weapons in this no field trip. Try your best in order not to hit the meteorites or you will get hurt and after many times hitting, you will lose the game. Besides, you also must be careful and don’t let your opponents attack you or you will also get injured.

Because only the best will survive, you must use your pilot skills to conquer this game. Avoid all incoming missiles and bullets using flying maneuvers. To blow your opponents to oblivion easily, you should get into position behind your enemy.

Attempt to become the best and watch your name rise on the leaderboard. Good luck!

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Instruction to play:

W or up arrow or right click to thurst

AD or left/right arrow to turn

Spacebar or left click to shoot

Q or mouse scroll to switch weapons

B to look back

T to open chat

P to enter the first-person view