Sniper Stag Hunter

If you are a fan of jungle hunting games that take place in the most complicated map, Sniper Stag Hunter will be your number one choice for the fun time this weekend! It takes time to conquer the map and control the gun to shoot the wild animals in this game, so prepare yourself and stay focus. The players get to experience the thrilling feel of a real hunter through this action-packed hunting game.

The Gogy game comes with FPS-themed and 3D graphics that not many hunting games have. Enjoy the adventurous and feel the satisfaction of hunting down the wild animals that are fast and dangerous. To score, the players have to hit the deer on the meadow using the far-ranged rifle. On each stage, the targets and the requirements shall vary to make it different and harder to follow. Choose the best position before aiming because a good aiming spot will allow you to hide from the eye of the targets and have more time to aim.

Check the green circle and the time bar to keep track of your progress. Don't let the time go by or waste the time by roaming too much. Focus on one target using the dots on the map and approach them one by one. You will also need to keep check of the ammo and gun force so as to switch to the right weapons before taking a shot.

All elements are crucial and contribute to the victory in this shooting game at Which background and sceneries will be your first hunting assignment? Extend your shooting range and learn how to handle high-end weapons as well as guns with more games of the same collection such as Clash Of Skulls and Deadly Hunter

Instruction to play:

Aim by dragging the left mouse, click to shoot at the targets.