Take Apart

Assembling blocks is one thing, but dispersing them into smaller pieces with the required order will be an entirely new challenge that we are inviting you to take over. Here at Take Apart - a new and very simple sorting game from Gogy puzzle 2023, you will carry out the work of sorting little pieces of blocks from the same cluster and moving them apart. As the goal is to successfully sort the barbell pieces, you will have to think and come up with the best way to dismantle them. However, on each tile or block, there will be two color parts blue and white.

The tile only moves with the facing of white, and it can't move in the direction of blue. Make sure to think and come up with a tactic to remove them one by one, all in the right order, and avoid getting stuck. Use the empty rack as given in the in-game setting and set the barbell pieces with identical colors in the same place. Not only is this quite a mind-wrecking game but it's also a good chance to test your observation and logical problem-solving.

Find the right block to remove first and your progress will go smoothly. We recommend working on the ones on the outer edge before moving inward as the inner blocks are covered or overlapped, so it's hard to check and decide their suitable direction. Go on with more adventure games or arcade games like Tornado Giant Rush and Mad Kitten if these are your cups of tea. 3D graphics will keep your experience realistic and fresh while disassembling these tiles. Feel free to share your gaming strategy and learn a thing or two from your online opponents at https://gogy.games/!

Instruction to play:

Use the mouse cursor to choose and move the block pieces.