Cube The Runners

The new journey for the little cube will start off soon in this new Gogy running game: Cube The Runners! As a competitor in the journey to gain the most scores, you will choose your favorite shape of a cube from the list and attend the game! There are so many in the list so that each player can take his or her own favorite pick. After choosing your favorite cube, start jumping on the long path while trying to avoid all of the obstacles on the way.

The game takes an off-axel point of view so that you can look at the whole progress from the wide angle. This standpoint will make it much easier to keep track of the upcoming obstacles and becomes helpful in maneuvering the movement of your character.

Also, there are 4 different locations for you, ranging from the valley, desert, dungeon, and snow land. Each of these terrains has its own types of challenges that you can only find in that place. As you progress further, the difficulty level will definitely switch up to pose more threats to the little cube. An updated feature in this game at is the two-player mode.

Now, you and your best friend can tackle the journey together side by side! Compete for the scores to see whose score is better! Other than the fun and easy gameplay, you can look out for the cute characters, 3D graphics, and elaborated design. Other choices like Rob Runner and Tap Skaters Online can also be fun to enjoy!

Instruction to play:

Jump by tapping or clicking on the screen.