Cupcake Shop

In order to create not only the most delicious cupcakes for your customers but also the prettiest ones, you need a lot of training before getting to the real world. Enjoy this virtual game of baking from Gogy cooking game online, with adorable graphics and amazing gameplay that allows you to get full control of the cupcakes.

From creating the base from available ingredients such as powder, sugar, flour, cinnamon, and other required ones, to decorating and picking out the decoration for them, you will be the one in charge of these. If you can create tons of cupcake flavors, your shop will easily become one of the most famous ones here in!

It's time to make your customers' mouths water and give them the satisfaction of savoring the most appetite cupcake they want. The order varies depending on the customers, which means that you need to control your recipe and ingredient correctly to make sure that the order goes exactly as your customers want the cupcake to be. For each perfectly made cupcake according to the recipe, you will be rewarded with plenty of points, which can be useful for purchasing more updates and kitchen gear later in the game.

The most important task of this game shall be the quest to pick out the right ingredient groups, or else you will create the wrong cupcake. Follow the order closely to get a sense of the required components before starting to make it! It's a fun game for kids who love cooking and baking, and are ready to spread their wings in more challenges in other kitchen games such as Bridal Race 3D! Feel free to test out your movement in this game by clicking on the chosen items before the time runs out!

Instruction to play:

Click using the mouse or tap on the devices' screen to select.