Knight Dash

Knight Dash will be a fun and adorable gaming choice from Gogy new game for your playtime thanks to the lovely design of the main hero and the graphics of the game. You will join the knight in the quest to search for the key that can open each level's door. The only way to clear a level is to locate the key, open the door, and get out. There will be tons of gold coins scattered on the path that you are on, so make sure to collect the most that you can.

Your board on the left corner of the screen will show how many you have gathered, which equals your scores as well. As the main objective is to find the key, there will also be tons of monsters, scary things lurking around the castle trying to stop you. The players should be careful on every turning point and corner and try to make sure they don't miss out on any coin.

The main movement of this game lies in the rule of how the knight moves. You can see that he only moves along the wall, from one corner to another. He halts when there's a corner only and you can't stop midway. Keep this rule in mind and utilize it for the best moving strategy in terms of goal-oriented objectives.

You can either choose the best timing to dodge the obstacles and enemies or pick another route that will be safer. Coordinate and adjust depending on the levels that you are on so that all will result in the highest scores on the Leaderboard! How would you tackle other challenging games of arcade-themed choices like Furtive Dao from our free collection at

Instruction to play:

Use the mouse or touchpad to interact, move using the keyboard.