Cup Pong Challenge

Have you ever tried the famous game of ping pong at a party? Let's hop in this virtual neon-themed party from Gogy kid games and show off your throwing ability with our new spin-off called Cup Pong Challenge! The rule is similar to the classic game, which is to throw the balls into the cups spreading on the table. Only by making them land inside the cups correctly will you be free from drinking.

Anybody whose cups are hit will have to drink them off. Two bars are showing on two sides of our screen, can you guess what they are for? These are for showing the limitation of each player and see how long you have left before you are knocked down by the alcohol! The game has 2D animation with neon theme decoration and cute characters for your enjoyment. Also, if you manage to unlock all three opponents, you will see that their skills get better and better, which means that you need to aim more precisely to win.

Dive into this lively atmosphere with your friends and learn how to throw ping pong balls with us! A tip for the new players is to avoid wide-range misses by dragging the mouse closer to the center of the board. If you don't use a significant force, the balls will not be able to move far from the starting point. Feel free to practice and fail a couple of times before mastering the art of ball-throwing and conquer it all!

There will be more games like Insects Bumping Match from with the same gameplay for you to have fun with, don't hesitate to give them a look! 

Instruction to play:

How to play: Throw the ball by pulling the mouse backward and push forward. Interact and choose options using the left mouse button.