Hero Knight Action RPG

Depending on how you use the magic sword and other magical items in Hero Knight Action RPG, you can either be the best knight who saves the village or the loser who fails to protect the villagers from the monster. Decide your fate and claim the winning title in this Gogy action game right now where the magical quest awaits for you! The rule of the game is not too easy, therefore, kids will have to go through the little tutorial to get a grasp of the basics of this game.

Once you are ready and get used to all the controlling keys, it's time for you to start showing your fighting techniques. The only way to keep your kingdom and villagers safe is to defeat monsters while they are trying to approach your base. It's best to start shooting them along the way with magic firepower. If you fail to stop them before they reach the base door, the game will be over as you fail to keep your base safe.

The more level that you succeed, the higher level up you will be granted. Use them as the experience and take the gold or coins to the store for exchange of gifts, combos, boosters, and other helpful items. Gold and gems will not only give you money for purchasing gifts but they also change your energy and skills, as well as unlocking the hidden magical spells. The firebird, which will show up when you reach the last level, is the ultimate boss that you have to defeat.

Overcome the invading monsters and claim the title of the Fire knight of the kingdom! The geographic map of this free game at http://gogy.games/ is one highlight that provides different vivid and realistic graphic designs. Check out other exploring games like Deadly Hunter and Sniper Stag Hunter later! 

Instruction to play:

Shoot with the mouse, Use AS key to reboost.