Solar System

Learn the way to systematically organize the planets on this galaxy of Solar System - the new Gogy kid game that will be a new breeze thanks to its unique and new genre. Not only is this game a cool educational game for kids but you can look forward to cartoony planets with the high-quality drawn design.

The goal is to help the players get to know all planets in the galaxy and distinguish one from another. You need to select the right name for the appointed planet. Some of the clues that will be helpful are the location of it and the shape it has. For example, you can recognize Saturn thanks to the ring around it, or planet Earth thanks to the green hue of it.

Mars tends to radiate a red hue and is the fourth planet from the Sun. Use your knowledge and pick the right answer immediately! Out of the three available options, will you be able to pick up the right answer as fast as possible? The layout of the given planets will change a bit from one stage to another. Sometimes, the game only shows a few planets next to each other in the system.

Without all of the clues, will you be able to guess them? Feel free to explore a bunch of newly updated games for your daily enjoyment online such as ..., with a click only at our website! You can gather some friends and get their opinions to spot the exact planet easier and faster. The more the merrier, so don't refrain from sharing this game!

Instruction to play:

Instruction for playing Solar System: Click on the button with the correct name of the planet or tap on the mobile screen to select.