Street Rider

Street Rider is the next-generation game with the best 3D platform for fans of Gogy car games to practice their balancing skills as well as drifting, driving, accelerating, racing, and more techniques. It's your chance to showcase to everyone you master the necessary skill sets to survive on the city streets with tough infrastructure, traffic, other crazy cars, and so on! The first important task is to pick a suitable car from the list of available models.

Selecting a suitable car that you know how to handle and drive will be beneficial for your racing results. Once you finish picking and customizing it, it's time to hop into any race that you can cope with. We have four main themes that you will enjoy, ranging from the route of One-way, Two way, Time Attack, and Speed Bomb. Each set of racing tracks has its unique challenging style and different setup to keep the game different and exciting.

For example, move forward and dodge the collision from one-way or two-way streets in the first two styles. You can race against the time in the Time Attack mode, just like the name of it. Or dive into a street filled with bombs where your maneuvering will shine brightly. The next thing to pick is the weather that you wish to race on. Three available options in the order of increasing difficulty are Sunny, Night, and Rainy.

Go ahead and drive your car freely on the platform, move between vehicles, and dash through heavy traffic. Avoid hitting other cars to refrain from creating any collision, as this can decrease your scores overall. Accelerate on the right timing to win the game quickly! Have fun with other 3D games such as Nitro Street Run 2 from this car game collection at!

Instruction to play:

Move with the A and D keys, speed up with the W or up arrow, and use the handbrake with the spacebar or down arrow.