Stick Fight Combo

Stick Fight Combo is the new chance for kids who love a bit of action-based mixing with arcade fighting games to explore a new gaming option for their free time here at Gogy 2022. Thanks to the side-scrolling gameplay, you will participate in a new generation of fighting games filled with lively enemies, competitive battles, and the most intense arena. Relive all your nostalgic memory playing this type of game as a kid and explore this new version with more online friends!

In this fighting mode, you need to demonstrate your talent when it comes to maneuvering, hand-eye coordination, and gathering the most combos. The game has a simple rule and detailed step-to-step tutorial from the in-game instruction to let the kids learn the basics quickly. Mastering the game is another quest as it takes more skills and effort to defeat the enemies with mysterious weapons.

Keep in mind that all participants need to improve their efficiency and damage range as they proceed through a different range of the game in order to get the highest result possible. As the game comes with a simple rule as well as hidden skills, do your best to unlock all the new stages to explore them all. Intense battle brings more and more opponents with amazing swords, guns, and advanced strategies for you to deal with.

It's all about conquering any battle that you step your foot in without any failure. Go ahead and develop your new skill sets with more arcade games such as Fireman Frenzy, all with their unique fighting mechanism and individual setting. Emerge into the 3D gaming world with the top-notch design and elaborated graphics for terrific playtime from!

Instruction to play:

Use the keyboards or mouse to move the character and interact with the in-game options.